All The Benefits: Black-Owned Skincare Products

In light of the recent events that have plagued the nation, it’s more important than ever to purchase premium black-owned skincare products in an effort to support black business, but also to keep your skin shining with organic ingredients. 

Here at Herbs N Beauty, we take our mission seriously! Each package is neatly put together with care and compassion so that you can receive your oils, butter, and herbals in the best way possible. 

Because every queen deserves to be cared for, right? 

In this blog, we want to tell you what makes us different and why powerful herbal remedies should be used to not only heal your body but leave your melanin looking sparkling and flawless. 

Organic Skin Care for Women: Black-Owned Skincare Products

Throughout the beauty industry and on social media you hear this buzzword, “organic,” but what does it mean for you to buy organic products? You can analyze this word by simply understanding what is NOT organic. 

For a product to rightfully be deemed organic the product has to be created with naturally occurring ingredients and no synthetic chemicals or additives. 

Check out this statistic from DisturbMeNot. 

Approximately 70% of US consumers say they prefer natural and organic cosmetics.”

Wondering why people just like you are searching endlessly for organic skincare products?

  • Organic products are healthier for the skin
  • Organic skincare helps the environment instead of hurting it
  • Organic products won’t poison your body’s largest organ (Yes, your skin is an organ)
  • Organic products tend to work better and last longer
  • You’re supporting a minimalistic, natural way of life without realizing it

Super Ingredient: Black Seed Oil

Now that we have an understanding of why organic is the ONLY way to go, let’s take a look at one of my favorite ingredients. 

Black seed oil!

This super ingredient is able to help you with keeping bacteria at bay, treats high blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, decreases asthma, and has anti-cancer attributes. 

Black cumin seed and pure kalonji work together to give you an herbal superpower. We offer a personal travel size which is perfect for your wellness and skincare needs on the go. 

You’re probably thinking the benefits of black seed oil stop there, but wait, there’s more where that came from!

This oil is incredible for skincare because it reduces acne, gives your hair ultimate hydration, heals wounds, and softens your skin like never before.

The earth has everything you could ever need to keep our body well and beautiful and we’re here to supply these ancient remedies to you. 

Super Ingredients: Elderberry and Burdock Root

Elderberry and burdock roots are two life-changing ingredients that have the power to transform your wellness. 

Elderberry is a pandemic proof natural occurring plant found in nature which helps your body fight off colds, and flus while empowering your immune system in a natural way. 

Guess what? You don’t need to wait until you're sick to ingest this berry, just blend it in smoothies, add it to your tea, or make your own syrup. 

Let’s talk about Burdock Root. This powerful herb supplies your body with a large sum of vitamins and minerals which in turn, promotes a healthy, well-balanced metabolism.

People who have suffered from cancer use this herb to rebuild their immune system, in an attempt to make their overall health and wellness return. 

You should also know that this herb is a mild laxative with the ability to cleanse your blood!

It’s no wonder ancient civilization loved these herbs. To get your own package of Elderberry and Burdock Root just click here.